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Dementia Training & Certification Programs

Online, on-demand ACCME-accredited certification programs for doctors, nurses, social workers, and certification training for family caregivers. 

  • Self-paced videos

  • Case study-based discussions

  • Cross-discipline participants

  • Immediately usable knowledge & practical skills

  • Live or in-person available upon request

CMS Dementia Program: GUIDE

We offer a range of services and tools to help support implementation of your GUIDE program.

Care Navigation Services

We offer care navigation services to help manage enrolled members. Our team of Certified Dementia Care Navigators is dedicated to providing GUIDE care navigation services to supplement your team and ensure that your members receive the care they need. 

Training for staff & caregivers

We provide certification training for your staff to become Certified Dementia Care Navigators with competency and knowledge to manage dementia patients. We also provide caregiver training to continually engage family caregivers and meet GUIDE requirements. 

Reporting &

Easily report on program metrics and bill for your GUIDE program services. We have been working with CMS to understand billing guidelines and developed easy-to-use tools to ensure billing success. Billing reports, invoices, and accounting amongst your partners will be generated automactically with transparent dashboard reporting.

Dementia Care Coordination, Assessments & Planning System

Use an all-in-one dementia care coordination portal so all of your staff and partners can seamlessly coordinate dementia care while tracking billable encounters generated automatically.

Dementia Care Management & Family Caregiving Services

We help you find the right care for your loved ones with dementia. 

1. Gather information to tailor the right care for your loved one

2. CareBrains AI and human experts collaborate to determine your best options

3. Present optimal care plan and provide referrals

4. Follow up and provide caregiver education

Empower yourself with knowledge and make a difference in the lives of those affected by dementia.

/ CareBrains Academy

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